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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who Grows Your Food?

It's easy to forget that up until relatively recently (within the last 60 years) most people still lived a rural existence, and small farms were the norm. Nowadays it seems that we have entered the age of agri-business and corporate farming. So who grows your food? Has it arrived at your dinner table after having traversed the continent in the back of some refrigerator truck, specially-bred to withstand the rigors of shipping? Or did you buy it direct from the grower, handing him or her cash and chatting about the weather? (no swipe your card and wait for the cashier)

Rest at least somewhat assured that there are still small farms to be found in this country. People working very hard to produce food for their families and to earn enough cash to buy the necessities of life. Yes, farming is an honorable profession but it's not one that we honor very often, do we?

This is an actual farm not far from where I grew up. I wish there were more of them like this.

(original 6x8 acrylic on canvas board)

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