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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Completed Bridge Painting

I guess I jumped the gun and then never followed through. For those of you who have been looking at the unfinished painting (see posting from June), here's the painting in final form. I have had this painting prepared for giclee prints (12-1/2" x 12-1/2" image with a 1-3/4" collar and title). If you're interested in purchasing a print the price would be $84 unframed, plus shipping and handling. Eventually I will set up a PayPal for this but right now I just don't have time.

For folks out there who may be unfamiliar with this particular bridge here's a bit of its history taken from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources:

"The Casselman River Bridge (built in 1813), with its 80 foot span, was the longest single span stone arch bridge in the world during the era of the National Road. The bridge crosses an area named Little Crossings. In 1755 George Washington, then a young military aide, was on the staff of British General Edward Braddock. Braddock led an army against a French fort near what is now known as Pittsburgh. Braddock's army forded the river at Little Crossings and also retreated back over the same spot after being defeated soundly by the French."

I appreciate the nice comments! This painting was a fair amount of work. ;-)

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Jan Poston Day said...

Joe - I love this painting. I was wondering how it would turn out and it is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with everyone.